New rules for jockeys' safety equipment

Jockeys Equipment – Important Changes from 1st April 2015

Skull Caps

All skull caps will need to comply with the following standards from 1st April 2015

(BS) EN 1384: 2012, CSN EN 14572: 2005, BS EN 14572: 2005, PAS 015: 2011 or CSN EN 1384: 2012

We believe the helmets listed below meet the new standards but please make sure you check this carefully when purchasing a new helmet.

  • Champion Vent Air Deluxe
  • Champion Euro Deluxe
  • Charles Owen APM
  • Charles Owen Adventura 2
  • Charles Owen Pro 2 Skull
  • Charles Owen J3
  • KEP Italian Cromo


Since the publication of the Regulations 2014/15 & Instructions 2014/15, The European Commission recently completely withdrew (BS) EN1384 as an acceptable standard for skull caps.  It was expected to be a staggered withdrawal but it came in with immediate effect.  Therefore the BHA has agreed that for the purpose of on-going compliance with the Regulations the existing (BS or CSN) EN 1384:2012 standard will remain an acceptable standard until 31 December 2016.  Many helmets currently in use meet both standards, and riders have almost two years to ensure their skull cap meets the PAS 015:2011 standard.

New Body Protector Standards from 1st April 2015

All safety vests will need to comply with the following standard from 1st April 2015:

  • (BS) EN 13158: 2000 (level 1 only)*
  • (BS) EN 13158: 2009
  • CSN EN 13158: 2009.


* Since the publication of the Regulations & Instructions 2014/15, the BHA Board approved the removal of (BS) EN 13158: 2000 (level 1 only) as an acceptable standard.  The BHA therefore has extended the period for the above highlighted specification as acceptable until 13 June 2015.

The new Racesafe Jockey Vest, which meets the new required standard is now available.  The new model will be supplied with a crutch strap, although please note crutch/leg strap use is now optional with the new model.  Existing crutch/leg straps will be transferrable to the new model.  New options also available – Level 2 version for increased protection & short Back option for exercise.  The USG Flexi Race also meets the standard.

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