The Course at Garthorpe

Some information for visitors
Watering in progress at Garthorpe
Garthorpe is a rectangular, well-drained course, the undulations having been levelled and downhill stretches drained.

There is a run in on 190 yards which slopes to the outside of the course.

Fences are big and well-maintained. The open ditch just after the winning post is jumped twice in most races and makes for a fine site and a great place to watch for spectators.

There is a superbly maintained watering system available so safe ground can be provided throughout dry spells.

Due to the width of the track at Garthorpe, fresh ground can be provided where possible for all different meetings, with all fences and bends moved.

Garthorpe has permanent facilities for riders, officials etc.

There is good access to all car and lorry parks and a multiple exits. The Main car park provides excellent viewing of the home straight and the rest of the course.

Extra toilets and viewing is provided for disabled visitors.
Garthorpe Racecourse map
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